For 20 years, at Webhelp Medica, we have been able to develop our expertise and our know-how, for each stage of the life cycle of health products. We systematically suggest integrating new technologies into our solutions to present you with ever more innovative solutions and unique experiences, in perfect harmony with your expectations and those of your health targets.

The implementation of our operations is based on three pillars that define our strategy:

  • Responsiveness: being first in the benchmarks
  • Innovation: guarantee a fluid and consistent experience
  • Initiative: create value by transforming your activities

At Webhelp Medica, we are proud to work alongside you to build future healthcare together!

Sales and promotions services

In close collaboration with your teams, we design and implement omni-channel lead generation and sales programs for pharmaceutical, medtech and healthtech companies, using different media and touchpoints such as e-detailing (remote medical visit), social media engagement, outbound call campaigns, digital marketing campaigns.

Those solutions also give you both a greater flexibility and optimize acquisition costs.

Prevention and patient support

With more than 15 years of track-record in the management of patients and a team of multidisciplinary health professionals, Webhelp Medica implements tailor-made solutions in areas such as prevention, coaching, patient support programs and hospital efficiency programs.

We build reliable and compliant solutions for hospitals, a pharmaceutical companies, public health programs and insurance companies.

Helthcare BPO

Webhelp Medica is able to support you in the outsourcing of your interactions with both patients and healthcare providers.

We can help you scale and optimize the cost and the performance of your customer service, back-office operations, technical support and medical information hotlines.


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