Our Expertise

Expertise, innovation and quality at the core of all our solutions!

For 20 years, at Webhelp Medica, we have been able to develop our expertise and our know-how, for each stage of the life cycle of health products. We systematically suggest integrating new technologies into our solutions to present you with ever more innovative solutions and unique experiences, in perfect harmony with your expectations and those of your health targets.

The implementation of our operations is based on three pillars that define our strategy:

  • Responsiveness: being first in the benchmarks
  • Innovation: guarantee a fluid and consistent experience
  • Initiative: create value by transforming your activities

At Webhelp Medica, we are proud to work alongside you to build future health together!

Medical education

Meded (Medical Education), a subsidiary of Webhelp Medica comprising a team of health specialists (doctors, pharmacists, etc.), supports you in all stages of your scientific projects for healthcare professionals via boards, CRP, scientific publications, scientific days, etc.

Our expertise in these fields guarantees you the use of language and a high-level technical and scientific approach, in strict compliance with technical and regulatory rules.

Scientific projects via our MSL

“MSL are too important not to be entrusted to experts!”

Medtomed, a subsidiary of Webhelp Medica, is convinced that the professional experience of MSL, privileged partners of KOL, is decisive in strengthening your image and that of your products with healthcare professionals. Medtomed, an expert in the MSL profession, offers you “turnkey" solutions to recruit, train, evaluate and manage your MSL, with unparalleled expertise and a strong ROI as a guarantee, in the outsourced management of your MSL.

Development of pharmacy sales

Whatever the nature of your products or your context, we support you, as closely as possible, in defining your sales and/or promotional strategies for your products by relying on 100% remote (sell-in) approaches, supported or not by promotional initiatives (sell-out) as well as mixed approaches combining field network and sedentary sales teams.

Our teams, all trained in the pharmaceutical industry, work in perfect synergy to ensure the success of your sales and/or promotional missions.

Medical Promotion

Webhelp Medica, in close collaboration with your teams, designs and implements promotional-mix approaches using different media and supports, such as e-detailing (remote medical visit), e-learning, digital marketing, etc.

For five years, Webhelp Medica has been deploying 100% hybrid solutions, reintegrating field medical visits into this multi-channel approach, which combines performance and optimal coverage. This solution also gives you greater flexibility and cost optimisation.

Patient support program

Patientys by Webhelp implements tailor-made systems in many areas, such as prevention, learning, coaching, support for chronic patients, telemedicine, screening, etc. On the strength of its successful experiences, Patientys, accompanied by its multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals, has developed real expertise and unique know-how in the management of patient programmes.

Whether you are a hospital, a laboratory, a public service, an insurer, etc., we can offer you have a reliable, personalised solution!

Medical information, pharmacovigilance & support

Relying on a scientific and medical team, Patientys by Webhelp offers efficient and secure initiatives, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, designed to meet all your level 1 and 2 requests (InfoMed, PV, product availability, crisis management, etc.). We have also broadened our field of expertise by offering you support missions for the design and writing of scientific content, the OPT-IN approach, surveys management, your emailing and SMS campaigns, etc. The expertise and know-how of our employees led by the Methods and Quality team and our head pharmacist guarantee you the best level of service!

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